I recall my first encounters with being naked had nothing

to do with nudism, that is for sure! Changing into or out of swim suit as a young child, and particularly at my grandparents house, was always something I did alone. Why? I had no idea back then. As I got a little old I remember a few occasions when my brother and I changed in exactly the same downstairs utility room, but I think that was because we were in a hurry to go someplace else or when grandma was about to do laundry and needed the suits for the wash.
Granny never made a fuss about seeing our naked buttocks. Why would she? Eventually I began comprehending that nakedness was something unique and there was seemingly a reason folks did not do it all over. This would have been my “awakening” to puberty, I guess. Along this time there are a few wispy memories of sitting around my grandparents house wrapped in only a towel, which was likely after swimming. There’s one clear memory of my brother “streaking” through the house and out the back garage door. He came to a halt at the end of the garage, near the road, where a handful of neighbor girls were outside across the street washing a car! That occasion was a family event that was talked about for decades, and neither the neighbors or the girls ever said anything to us. I’m certain he was seen, but again, this was summer, we were visiting, and we were just kids!
If I ‘d just understood then what I know now, I’d have been “streaking” way more than my brother and probably would have invented a dozen ways to loose my swim trunks or forget them someplace. Years later and several states away from my grandparents home, I remember skinny-dipping with my brother along with a neighborhood friend named http://4nspark.net . We were going fishing at a lake behind our flats and got ridiculously hot and sweaty traipsing through the woods from one fishing spot to another.
http://x-officer.com , being the earliest of the bunch, said he was going swimming. He went into the water and then threw his cut-off shorts out after several moments. I believe I went in second and did not want to walk home in soaking wet cut offs, so I removed mine before going into the water. We all thought this was quite daring because of being in clear view of a local international airport’s runway. Anyone looking out the windows of a airplane taxiing and turning around at the end of the runway would have had a pretty clear view of us lads.

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We had great fun that summer and there was nothing “inappropriate” about it. In addition , I recall http://nudist-video.net and stepfather once mentioning a possible visit to Virginia’s eastern shore, and inquiring both my brother and I if we would go to a nude beach with them. This never occurred though.
It wasn’t until about ten years after that I was presented to printed literature on nudism.

I recall as an early adolescent going to the creek close to where I was.

living and wading in the creek with only shorts and shoes on. This occurred frequently during the summer before the creek would dry up. Some years it did run http://nudists-young.org .

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But I was by myself and there was a fine deep pool and so I stripped down and had my first skinny dipping encounter. After that on occassion I’d strip and enjoy wading and swimming in the creek. Didn’t do much in my later teenage years. I still loved being naked and slept nude some of the time, but not much outside nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a friend on a road trip. There were three of us and we’d camped along the Colorado river in souther Utah. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out round the fire nude. Was a really fun experience.
Not much happened after that and with getting married and working on the livelihood, didn’t think much about nudity or find means to appreciate a nudist lifestyle. But I did go camping with my wife once I was about 35 and we found a little time to be nude together outside, mainly for some sexual play and I found I loved remaining nude after we’d played around. I had a few showers in this excursion just standing outside in the sun and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me away. It was great. After this, when I went for hikes in the mountains and was alone, I would strip down and do some freehiking.
My transfomation to societal nudity was going to hot springs when I had a chance. At first I always wore http://tvamateur.net and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs bare was much nice than having to put on a swimsuit. Once a lady came to the springtime and I ‘d put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we talked for only a little bit. She went behind a stone to change into her swimsuit, but didn’t try to really conceal well. I could readily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we spoke for awhile and she brought up the fact that it was fine if I needed to be clothing optional in the spring. I think she had seen me sitting there nude before I had found her. So I removed my swimsuit to try it out and to see what it’d be like to be naked in mixed company and I believed she desired to remove her swim suit.
But she never did take off her suit in http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html . But I was really comfy being nude even with her not that manner. When she got out to leave, she didn’t trouble to go behing the stone to alter, but merely put on her clothes next to the spring. So it was a very non-sexually charged encounter and my start to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of enjoy a naked soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much prefer that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could just get the wife to be a little more at ease with this, we could actually have some great outings when we travel. She is slowly joining me at times, but for the most part does not desire to be nude around http://nudistsmovies.com . But she has gotton to the point of being bare much more than she used to around the home and even if we’re alone at a beach or boating. She may not fully join me being bare, but does go topless sometimes and does not think I ‘m strange for appreciating being bare like at first. She believed that only perverts would love being nude, but now she is able to comprehend why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I’m looking forward to some warm weather again and also an opportunity to be outside in the nude.

There are so many variations of naked living that one needn’t even call oneself a nudist or naturist.

I have known individuals who were bare at home a lot of the time; yet never referred to themselves as a N or N. My X never referred to herself as a nudist either; even though she participated in social nudism. Those I have known who did call themselves nudists or naturists were active societal nudists, with AANR memberships and resort/club membership. They used either term to “authenticate” their active involvement as well as commitment to the nudist philosophy.
I actually don’t believe you need bother with defining or labeling http://skinnudist.com – unless you’re actively seeking a societal nudist environment. But in case you still wish to define what you do, I think the term “home-nudist” is pertinent to your circumstance.

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As far as your last question, it depends on your purpose. If you get a bang out of the concept of other people seeing your wife nude, then you definitely may be venturing into hedonistic terrain. I loved my X being openly nude amongst other nudists; because her comfort with nudity was important to me. As well as the recognition of her attractivenes supplied me with some measure of pride. But it had little to do with some hedonistic impulse to show my naked wife (p.s. I am not judging you at all; only explaining http://nudists-young.org ).

Nude in Oklahoma

Some time ago my lovely wife and I were discussing what we’d prefer to do and I mentioned, “I wish we’d some property so we could run naked in the woods together”. She believed that it seemed like fun.

Fast forward a few years along with the matter came up again, but since we still didn’t own any property she said what about one of those bare areas (sounds like she might have been thinking about this a little). So we Googled nude and Oklahoma and found two locations within an hour’s drive of us. We sent an e-mail to both and got a very nice answer from OakLake Trails near Depew. So I get a call from my wife at work one day telling me I needed to take a day off as she had made a booking for a night’s stay during the week we figured that less people would be there as we got our “feet wet” during the week).

We arrived at OLT and were given a tour of the resort. After filling out the paperwork we were off to our cabin. We disrobed, grabbed our towels and stepped outside for our first ever nude in public experience. We decided to walk one of the trails to get comfortable. As we were returning down a road to our cabin we passed by some people clothe, I did not recognize it was clothing optional.

I told my wife, “If you’d told me three weeks back I’d be walking down the road buck nude in front of folks I Had have said you were insane,” but there we were doing just that and it did not even feel weird. We then headed off to the pool and hot tub to soak and relax.

We met several nice folks that night as we soaked in the hot tub and spent the following day lounging round the pool, but soon it was time to leave. On the way home my wife said, “that’s the very first time I felt comfortable in my own personal skin.”

How soon did we go back? Five days after we spent the day there and have since become members of OLT.

Nude at Big Sur

My ideal of camping is roughing it at the Hilton. LOL! My boyfriend is an avid camper and had been after me to join him. Finally, I concurred and he offered several destinations and I decided Big Sur.

Arriving early Friday for a long weekend, we pretty much had our selection of camp sites. My boyfriend decided the site and we headed over to set up camp. The chill of the morning air was gone and temperature was in the mid 80’s. I had always harbored a dream of being nude in an outdoor setting but never dreamed I was going to recognize my dream.
I had no clue about setting up camp so mainly watched until it was time to raise the tent. I was actually starting to feel the temperature and since no one was around, eased my t-shirt off and had my bikini top on. My boyfriend just smiled and kept working. I started to get the best feeling and suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to take my bikini top off.

As quickly as the thought came to me…off came my top. Wow! What an amazing feeling! My BF said he loved seeing me topless but watch for other campers or camp rangers! I laughed and soon he ha dhis top away. Practically set up when a car stopped and 3 girls asked if they could set up in the next site. I said sure. The unpacked the SUV and before they did anything, all three were topless. They did ask for some help by using their tent and my BF obliged. We had lunch and also a beer and by this time I ‘m feeling around dressed with my shorts on…and just that quick I was down to my panties. Two more SUV’s drove by but not even a second look. We grabbed our towels and cooler and began to http://nudist-young.com when our neighbors requested us to wait for them as they had never been there before and did not wish to wander into the wrong area and cause an issue about being topless.

In minutes, the 5 of us were headed down the path to the beach. We did pass a family coming up the avenue but they weren’t upset of 4 topless girls. When we arrived at the sand, there were several other couples in a variety of stages of dress on the shore. Two of our neighbors instantaneously dropped their bikini bottoms and continued as though totally normal. Hey, if this works for them…off comes mine. I was so excited I did not notice that my BF was also nude. On the beach, completely naked and feeling the finest feeling of freedom. As the sun was setting, we all headed back to camp. We girls put on the bottoms of our bikinis but never troubled with our tops.

By the time we were nearing our campsite, we detected the camp was nearly full and yet no one said a word about us being topless. My BF and our neighbors pretty much spent the weekend together and around camp, we’d our bottoms on and were topless until the night atmosphere chill arrived. Naked on the beach Saturday and Sunday and it was about a 50/50 mixture of people naked and clothed but there were no difficulties. I still have mixed feeling about the camping but the independence of being totally nude ourdoors never loses its appeal. We also appreciate nudity at home.

Chino Hills, California
Nude at 12

Much to my mom’s chagrin, I opted to jump PJ’s during the warm summer nights of my 12th year. Raised Catholic, nudity was frowned upon under any circumstances. A swimsuit was normal attire in the backyard pool until one day I determined that swimsuits were non essential and I wandered out to the pool absolutely naked. My father tried not to see but Mom immediately told me to get a suit on. I shrugged and spread my towel and laid down on the next yard. I never felt awkward or nervous being nude. Later Mom addressed my nudity and said it was no satisfactory especially in mixed company. I paid no heed and the following day, my parents and aunt, uncle and cousins were all outside at the pool and once again, I wandered outside fully nude. With a couple gasps from my parents and aunt and uncle, I acted as though there was nothing new or different. About 30 minutes later, my 15 and 16 year old cousins casually removed their tops and astonishingly, nothing was said. Soon to follow were their bikini bottoms.

Here we were! 3 absolutely nude young ladies when my other cousin chosen to join us and lost his swimsuit. Still nothing was said. Late in the day, we BBQ’d and we did place the bottoms on while eating. After dark, we were nude again just this time,my aunt stood up and slipped off her sundress and underwear and joined us in the pool.

Mom, not sure what to do or say, merely sat and watched. My aunt started to tease Mother and amid all our laughing, Mother stripped naked and jumped in the pool. Afterwards, dad warmed the Jacuzzi and all the adults were enjoying a nude soak.

After everyone had gone home, Mother came into my room with just a sarong wrapped around her waist and sat down on my bed. I’m sure she thought I’d tease her but I acted as though I did not find her nude breast. Mom was a little nervous so I asked her how she felt being naked with the family and she said she’d always wanted to try being nude but never had the nerve. She admitted that she respected me and was happy she finally understood her want to be naked. I believe that was the last time anyone wore a swimsuit in the backyard and pool.

as soon as I went away to college, we had different pools for women and men. There were several other girls that were topless in the pool and I followed the first few times but finally walked out of the showers bare one day. Shortly, a lot of the topless women were nude and after several weeks, it was pretty much nude for everyone. That was Berkley CA.

One afternoon, a male student came in the women’s pool and stipped naked. He got a few stares but no one objected. Being friendly, I approached him to say hello and struck up a conversation. We met there often and soon started seeing each other socially. We were collectively through 4 years at Berkley and we have been happily married for nearly 15 years. We still go bare at Mom and Dad’s but have a lovely small home with a private yard and we often amuse both our nude and textile pals.

Ontario, California
My wife made me do it!

30 years ago wife and I were in the Caribbean at a private resort on a little isle. We’re early risers and walked to the end of the shore near our bungalo. Nobody was about and my wife took off her top and then dared me to go skinny dipping. So I chucked my trunks on the towel and went for a swim in the surf while she sat and read her book. The surf was rough and when I got back I just flopped down to rest never covering up. With the warm sunlight and sound of http://youngnudest.com fell fast asleep but felt safe with my wife on guard.

After I woke up to voices. Two women we met the night before at diner were speaking to my wife. Apparently my wife had waved to them to join us but she didn’t wake me. I reached for my trunks but they were gone. My wife had taken them and put them in her tote so she had set me up. I was lying face down but was still quite difficult with the situation.

The ladies, sisters, acted as nothing was wrong and they sat down to chat. Finally one said it was fine for my wife to request them to join us as they have not been on a clothing optional beach before and among the sisters asked my wife if it was alright to join me. My wife said sure and she took off her suit. Her more self-conscious sister did not. After a bit they asked about the rough surf as they saw my wet hair and my wife offered me to be their life guard as I was a competitive swimmer. They ladies thanked me before I could say anything. So I rolled away from them and jumped up and ran to the surf and jumped in before anyone could get much of a look. My wife only grinned.

So the sisters got into the surf and I kept a respectable distance from them. Eventaully the diffident sister removed her suit too once she was in the water and was delighted until her bolder sister stole her suit and dropped it up onto the shore saying that now she’d have to walk out nude. I felt horribile for her, so I walked out onto the sand and got her suit for her. Nobody ought to be forced into anything.

It was at that moment that I didn’t feel naked at all. I walked out of the water, got her suit for her and walked back to give it to her not care who was looking at me. Soon afterwards we all got out as well as returned to the towels where my wife was still reading. That’s when the sisters found I was a smoothie. They made a remark and my wife simply said “I prefer him that way”.

I stayed naked until we were ready to return for brunch. As we got up and the sisters started to put on their suits my wife suggested that it would be absurd for me to put my suit back on and that I walk back to the bungalo naked. It was her way of challenging me. So I look down the shore and as there were only a few individuals on the far end I said sure. With that the bolder sister decided to join me in the nude walk also, and so we went.

They joined us several time that week. I was constantly nude, my wife never was, but on the final day the bold sister decided to be a smoothie also! My wife still likes me to be nude round the home, but not her!

NYC, New York
Hot Springs

We just went to a clothing-optional hot springs in northern California. I had never experienced social nudity before, and I was extremely nervous.

I went into a dressing room to undress, and my heart was punding outside my torso. The time came to step out into the public area, and as I did, a girl was there undressing. I asked where to put my bag, and she said she just leaves hers there by the bences. There I was, naked – in front of complete strangers.

I went into the Osan to get into one of the three flumes, and there were about 15 people there. I got in and waited for my wife. About 5 minutes later, she arrived and joined me. It was amazing to stretch out in a bathtub of hot water with nothing on!

Shortly I had to get out as well as cool off in the swimming pool, I grabbed my towel and placed it “stratigeclly” over my shoulder and walked down to the pool place and hopped in. I had not skinny dipped since childhood, and I was instantly taken back to that time. I swam around for about 10 minutes, then went back to the hot flumes. This went on for about three hours. At about the thrid trip to the pool, I was not even taking my towel to cover up. It was odd – I did not even really notice that I was bare, or anyone else for that matter.

I’m now hooked and will return to this facility often. After only a couple of hours, I felt so completly relaxed and rejuvinated. Hopefully my wife will shortly come to realize the freedom and relaxation that can happen when you shed your shell.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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My only regrets were that I hadn’t done this earlier and had to get dressed and go home.

-Scott P

I dont’t know if I was brave ot didn’t desire the day to

end but several years back while visiting A nudist club in North Georgia which I was a member I had stayed till the sun had gone down, I headed down the hill and was getting my clothing from the rear of my van and quit,I relized I still did’t need the day to end and threw my clothing back into the van and got behind the steering wheel naked and headed for the gate. I made it to the main highway when I relized I was still nude and had sixty miles to go and had to pass through three towns and lots of red lights before I was home. I rolled down my windows and appreciated the summer breeze,passing through the first town and than reaching the second town was simple until I stopped for the red light I looked back and saw the police car also joining me at the light,the light changed and I was again on my way,a little bit nervous but it didn’t continue particularly after the police car turned after a couple streets. Soon I arrived in my driveway where I exited my van retrived my fresh clothing and headed inside hoping not to shock the neighbors what a rush how alive I felt. I only done that once and I actually don’t understand why young nudists pics did’nt do it more generally.perhaps soon !
Being a real nudist weather at a nudist beach or club or even at home will keep http://publicmania.com and alive,it does not matter weather you are young or old skinny or fat tall or brief love yourself be nude be naked be alive….

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First time naked in public? That is a great question.

So young that I can not recall. My maternal grand parents were practical and frugal, and that place the mind-set towards clothes. Don’t get your clothes dirty. “If you are going to play in the mud, take your clothes off.”
As a child, I had a vitamin D deficiency, and there were two solutions, cod liver oil (yuk) and more sunshine. Since sun was free and my parents didn’t have to compel me to take it, playing nude was the alternative.
Being raised in the rural Lower Mainland of BC, most of it was rural then, investigating (hiking) with your playmates (boys and girls) was the common task (no sports fields), in case you got too warm, you went skinny-dipping in the next creek, no big deal.
As a kid I didn’t have a bathing suit or a tuxedo. “Why buy something which you’ll hardly ever use?” Going to the shore proved to be a special occasion, perhaps two times per year, and when we did, it absolutely was to one end of the shore. Mum had a bathing suit (the only one in the family). Dad went in the water in his underwear. Granny brought another house-dress to wear in the water. Grandpa, my brother and myself went in the water nude but dressed on the shore.
Would you believe that my family was very spiritual at this time? They were, but “small apparel” meant do not flaunt your wealth, not conceal what God created, milfs on beach . When I was a teenager/young adult there were lots of places in the Lower Mainland that we would go to and celebration and skinny dip, but the majority of them have become regional parks now. My first wife did not have a problem with nudity, she’d strip anytime and everywhere. I was too conservative.

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When I was dating my second wife, Germaine, I in invited her to Wreck Beach. The reply was “I Will go, but I’m wearing a bathing suit.” While chasing one of my sons, she fell from her top, and off it came. About 10 minutes after, “What the hell.” and off came the rest. The following year the climb/hike became a problem for Germaine, so we looked for a nudist club. We located and joined the previous Sunny Trails Club in Surrey, and have been part of organized nudism ever since.
http://nudistsplace.com / Naturists because we truly believe that nakedness is natural and not sexual. They really do not, or there won’t be so many rules to establish that it isn’t. Do not do this or that, or don’t wear this or that, because it might appear to be sexual. More on this at an other time.