I just returned from a fantastic week at Club Orient on St. Martin. The first morning I was there

I got up a little before sunrise, so I went out onto the shore.

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After seeing the sunrise, I chose to take a walk up the beach. As I walked a noticed that there were other nude and textile folks ahead of me. Since I was unsure in the event the entire seashore was clothes-optional I assumed that the others ahead of me knew, and that if they could do it I could too. http://beach-archive.com walked all the method to the north end of the shore. Since I’d started out at our waterfront chalet, right next to the Papagayo restaurant, I’d walked almost 1 1/2 miles.

On the return trip as I approached the Club Orient section of the shore I found three men in what I assumed were police uniforms standing in the parking lot adjacent to the seashore watching my approach. As I drew near one of them started walking in my direction. Uh oh, this can not be good I thought.

Even though the cop didn’t speak English he used enough English words to make me understand that I wasn’t assumed to be nude on the section of shore from which I had merely come. He was not behaving like he was going to arrest me so I thought that it I behaved sufficiently contrite he would let me be on my way, which he did.

It turned out to be a good thing for me that he did because except for a gold chain I was wearing I had certainly nothing with me. No identification, no cash, no credit cards, no nothing. I’d left essentially all my possessions behind, and really it felt delightful. I’d wandered about a mile into “textile state” fully nude. No one seemed to care, and I had a ball. Ignorance truly is bliss.

Afterwards I went back to see whether there had been a sign indicating the end of the clothing-optional beach, however there was none. There’s a sign facing north that indicates the beginning of the Club Orient nude beach, which I imagine one could interpret as also being the end of the non-nude shore.

The sole other time during the week that we put clothing on was when we wandered up the beach again to go parasailing. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Club Orient and highly recommend http://mon-blog-gay.net . We also highly recommend the Tiko-Tiko cruise to Tintamarre. It was our very first time at Club Orient, but it will not be the last.

Hello everyone, my name is Adele and I would like to say several words about my nudist family

trip to among the European resorts. Nothing elaborate, my family is not rich so we cannot manage going off to the nude beaches of Italy or France, but we discovered our cute holiday in Croatia and it has been keeping us content for the past ten years or so.
I ‘d been truly appreciating naked family pastimes with my old people for strong nine years, but when I’d turned 18 I thought hey, what the hang, shouldn?t I be spending my first adult (sort of) summer using a whole lot of friends dancing my ass off somewhere on Ibiza? This didn?t occur, as you surely can find out, for some family issues intervened like they generally do. I was so prepared to be bored stiff in the business of my folks. Well, this is the way it all happened, more or less, with http://nudist-video.net/naked-body-it-just-got-hotter-at-the-nude-beach.html . One of such brief trips to the pleasure of the fare took place right on the nude beach that my parents and I understood only too well.
I could draw a map of the place with my eyes closed, possibly, so nothing could really thrill me. I wandered off some space from where my mom and father were lodged, happy in their own zone of comfort and enthusiastic to stay as motionless as they could. This type of stagnation buggered the shit out of me, and I was all set to walk off as far as I could.
This I did, until I think I reached the end of the nude beach which didn?t really matter as there was nothing but bare stone there. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a single article of clothing on me; I adored exposing my bottom and tits to the subtle breeze as well as the sunshine of the Adriatic. Sometimes when I was beginning to break a sweat I would dip into water and cool off. It felt great feeling the water twirl around my nipples and making them difficult, and also the feeling wouldn?t wear off until several minutes later!
Smack behind one of them I stumbled across a few men marginally older than me ? they were wearing their swimming trunks and basking in the sun at some distance from each other, and by the looks of it they’d been halfway through their sixpack of beer by the second I saw them. The very first thing that came to my mind was that I got myself in trouble rather bad and that I ought to walk away as quickly as I can; I brought a towel along so I flung that around myself to conceal my nudity, I believe, before they noticed me.
The following thing I believed was less panicky and more frivolous ? A few guys in a secluded area by the beachfront all by themselves? Gays! But before I could either walk on or walk away back to where I came from, among the guys sat up and I recognized his face; he was our resort neighbor, I saw him during breakfasts rather often. He screwed his eyes and hailed me; I ‘d no other option but to at least nod. He said something to his buddy and jumped up on his feet. I couldn?t help admiring his physical form along with the swiftness and easiness of the catlike motion.
He came up and introduced himself and his pal; his name was Paul and I cannot recollect what was the name of the other man; he sounded real nice and courteous. He asked me what I was doing there, and I told him some cock and bull story about my parents being lodged merely several meters away behind the bushes, just in case. All throughout our brief dialogue I kept on believing whether or not they had time to see that I was bare underneath my towel; maybe I appeared weird wearing it wrapped around me like that anyways, for the day was real hot for that type of coverage. In any event, I felt his buddy?s evasive looks on me and I found the vivid interest on Paul?s side in me, in http://wildnudists.com get my drift. At that stage I believed it was better that I went off and joined my parents; I said good bye to the men, my hear thumping somewhere in my throat with dreads whom I couldn?t help regardless of the good manners both of them shown. But right when I was turning on my heels and gave my long wet hair that, you know, alluring twist, the fringe of my towel flapping and me providing the juiciest upskirt ever! I blushed, though I was a nudist all my life, it’s somehow different when you are at least partially dressed and then some really intimate portion of your body shows by chance.
I’m pretty damn certain they both saw my derriere and my pussy okay this time, I heard them exclaiming in hushed voice when they thought I was out of the earshot.

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As I was approaching our beach I felt increasingly more confident and in the end I felt fairly adventurous about it.
Then I saw both guys at breakfast briefly and once ? on the seashore, they obviously came to gawk but not actually chill out, for they were still wearing boxers and went away pretty bloody soon ? Folks on nude beaches do not feel happy about intruders in fabrics. They gave me a nod of cheering but that was about it, maybe that was because I was keeping to my old people? That?s one of my stories, but I?ve some more to share, so maybe one day? Cheers everyone!

The very first time that I was totally nude in public

, with strangers I didn’t know around, my loving husband and I were on vacation. We’d wake up really early, before sunrise, in order to jog on the sandy beaches while they were still abandoned.
family nudist photo had finished jogging on the beach, and stopped in a secluded cove near the hotel. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the sea. At that time, 6.00 am, the shore was deserted, the sea, level and cold. There was a large stone reef on the sand, 40 feet inland from the coastline, where we left our clothes.
We were enjoying our early bath when we heard a shout. We looked up and what we saw was a multitude of people standing on the shoreline. Some of them were already in the water and coming toward us!
They were largely adolescents, of both genders, but mainly males. They had ridden bikes from a closeby town, as a way to spend a couple of days at the shore on their own. They had brought their food and they were going to camp among the trees along the shore. It was quite apparent they were settling in to stay a good while.
We didn’t know what to do! The police made their rounds at 7:30 and we could be fined or even worse, detained for our public nudity. Some of them came to us and as soon they realized I was naked, they got closer. They couldn’t believe it!
At first I was embarassed, but we began discussing and the ice began to melt. One of them asked me if I was diffident. I was, but I said “no”. He phoned to his buddies, “Hey, come and see this,” and more came. I discovered I was beginning to appreciate it. Perhaps I was the first girl they saw bare. I like to think so in my secret fantacies.
It was ten minutes before 7:00. We’d been in the water a number of years and we were cold. My nipples were erect and protruding. The group was waiting for us to leave the water. And we left. I will never forget the expression of expectation and amazement I saw on their faces.
When I found myself standing on the sand, nude, in the front of them, my shyness flew away. They were admiring me… and I really loved being nude for them!
We’d time before the police came on their rounds to move into the trees and we stayed with family nudism pictures . No one got upset or angry. Nudity was something new to them and they were fascinated.
We spoke standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and taking sun. They asked a lot of questions: Where are you from? Where do you reside? Are you shameless? Do you do this constantly? I was fully relaxed and I completely exposed my nude body to them.
One asked if he could take pictures and he did. He took images of the group, some of whom had discard their particular clothes. He photographed my husband and I both alone and together. We gave him our postal address and money to send the pictures and we were pleasantly suprised when they actually arrived.
My first public absolute nudity proved to be a beautiful experience…

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I’ll never forget it. We met the group again after that day and stayed until sundown. The next morning my husband and I, nude, bathed, talked and joked with them again. The following morning when we got up, I was saddened to see they had gone.

This is more a narrative of my first time coming out of the closet as a nudist.

I was always a closet nudist, having seen several resorts, by myself as my wife was not at all interested in http://xoxet.com .
Three years back I divorced and afterwards moved to a new neighbourhood. Dwelling alone now, I always walked around my house in the nude. I ‘d only return from a holiday to Cyprus Cove Resort, which I appreciated very much. One day my next door neighbour, Susan nocked on the front door. She came by generally one or two times per week for coffee in the morning. As usual I had a pair of shorts by the door which I slipped on before I answered the door. She came in, sat down and I carried on to make coffee for her and I.
She asked about my vacation and I told her the weather was great as well as the resort was fine without telling her it was a nudist resort. I ‘d always been really close about my lifestyle choice. Afterward she hesitated for a minute and said “you know I see you walk around your home naked on a regular basis.” Oh! I mentioned. Yes she proceded to tell me from her bathroon window upstairs she has a perfect view of my house through the one window that does not have a blind. Before I could say anything she said “the one thing I do not understand is that I see you then minutes later I ring your door bell and you answer the door dressed.”
I thought for a moment and then just merely admitted that I was a nudist and I enjoy being naked in my house. I also told her my vacation was in fact to a nudist resort. She didn’t look at all shocked, in fact she inquired then why do I cover up when she comes to the door. I explained that most nudist enjoy the life but don’t go out of their way to inflict their lifestyle on others. She said she wouldn’t mind(since she’s aleady seen me nude) and that I should be comfortable in my own dwelling. I told her I would think about it.
Two days later she phoned and said she was coming for java. I made the conscious decision not to dress when she came to the door. We sat and talked for hours constantly with me in the nude. She of course was curious in regards to the actual fact that I’m a smoothie. I described I had the hair laser removed. I also told her about this site. That was two months ago. Last week she came over for coffee as usual.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I excused myself to visit the restroom. as soon as I came out I went into the kitchen and there sat Susan, nude. She said after listening to me and reading all the items in these forums she needed to try it.
We meet frequently for coffee(she comes over in her robe and loses it once in my door). I’ve asked what her husband would say but she’s given the feeling he thinks like my ex wife and that nudity is bad somehow. Anyhow I have officiallycome out of the closet! Susan has suggested that another neighbour, Natalie want to join us for java. I will keep fucking beach posted on such an development.

Introduction to Nudism

I was helping set up security for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta discussing with a couple. Told them I needed to get away for the weekend. They gave me a number and name to call of a fine resort close by that had a pool, hot tub and incredibly friendly people. As they left view told me it was a nudist resort.

I thought about it and decided to try it and went that weekend. Adored the experience and the folks I met. They made me feel so welcome and everything looked so natural. When my daughter came down to work security with me I told here where I’d gone and she needed to go with me. We went the next weekend and spent two days there. We were hooked and even though we could visit the opening Olympic service free, we watched it on a TV in the motor home of a family who were teachers from California while relaxing at Hidden Valley nudist resort in Georgia.

We went there another time before we had to leave Georgia. When we got up to the New England area we visited some local nudist resorts and felt at home. My lovely wife and I now live in a nudist resort in Florida, and my daughter sees each year to live the nudist lifestyle.

-Don W.
Hudson, Florida
First Time

June 1st, 2009. I made my way to Mira Vista Resort in Tucson, signed in, took my clothes away and roamed about the Resort. I presented myself and admitted this was my first (public) experience as a nudist. Nancy said “Show me your tush!” I turned around and was pronounced a “cotton tail.” What a delightful and gracious introduction and welcome to the nudist community!

Sierra Vista, Arizona
My Biggest Regret

Being nude has ever been really natural to me, I can remember when I was maybe 4 or 5 merely needing to be nude. Nothing has altered 40 years afterwards, it only feels “normal” to me.

I did my assignments online and read as much as I could about going to a nudist resort, oh boy, was I excited! The day I set out to go was beautiful and I was ready to get nude. It was about a 2 hour drive and of course all I was thinking about was getting there and jumping in the pool naked. YIPEEE! But as I got close my tummy was becoming more upset from my nerves. I starting thinking about turning around and heading home but just kept driving. I really needed to feel the sun on my nude body and go swimming naked, after all it was a wonderful day.

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As I pulled up to the gate I really thought I was really going to throw up and at that stage I really needed to talk myself into going forward. When the staff answered the buzzer and told me to arrive at the office to get checked in I just kept telling myself it was really going to be wonderful even though I was so nervous.

After checking in and heading to my truck I could not believe it. I was looking at nude people upward by the pool and I was about to be one of these! I stood by my truck looking busy for about 10 minutes without taking anything away and eventually I realized it was time to take ALL my clothes away and be free. As I wrapped my towel around my neck and made sure it covered me somewhat I shut the door of my truck and headed to the pool one slow step at a time. I was becoming more confident with each measure.

I had to take a shower before getting into the pool and it absolutely was a FAST one. The showers are about 10 feet from the pool and I wager I made it in about 2 steps after I shut the shower off. I spent the rest of the day in the pool floating around and LOVING every second of it. It was not my first time being nude in a pool but it was my first time being with other people nude and I ‘m certain it demonstrated that it was my first time but by the time I had left that day I felt like I had understood some of the people for a long time.

The reason this trip was such a huge deal for me was because I do not have the “regular” body. I’m a big guy, need to lose weight and had feared I might be laughed at or individuals would stare, but after going there now for more then 8 years (only a couple times a year) I recognized that NOBODY cares! Its not that they do not care about me, its just that nobody cares what your body looks like. I waited for such a long time to really go to a nudist resort because I did not have the “perfect”body. I’m yet to see the “perfect” body but I ‘ve meet some of the best people I’ll ever meet in my life. When you are naked with other folks it’s as real as it gets and I’ve found that nudists are as nice as people come.

So this is why I titled this “My Biggest Regret” because I regret that I waited so long to get out and be naked with other like-minded folks. If the thought has ever crossed your mind, just go get nude. You wont regret it.

Beach Day

Since I was a teen I ‘d always learned about nudist beaches and camps, but I never understood where to find them. This was before the Internet age. In the mid ’90s I had access to the Internet and chat rooms. I met a woman on the chat website who told me about visiting a nude beach. I asked about how I could locate one in my state. She told me about a website where I could imagine a guide book which describes the places of swimming holes and shores.

After buying this I read about a beach at Martha’s Vineyard. Some time later I finally had a chance to get out there with my at the time girlfriend. Finally I located the beach I was searching for after the ferry ride and bus ride across the isle. I remember how natural everyone looked and how I was keen to join in the fun. The blanket was just on the earth when my clothes came off. I loved the liberating feeling of the wind on my body and having the ability to jump in the ocean naturally. My girlfriend eventually got cozy too.

I felt like I was on a level playing field with everyone else. Since then I’ve been visiting nudist campgrounds and coming to the Vineyard as much as really possible. I’ve despised wearing bathing suits ever since.

-Paul J.
Milford, Massachusetts
My Nudist History

The follow ing is a history of my nudist experience with some thoughts for those investigating nudism as a lifestyle choice:

“Nudist” A New Word

I was raised in Marin County north of San Francisco and am currently a professional working in San Francisco. When I was younger I could not have imagined I would ever describe myself as a nudist. I remember the very first time that I heard the term nudist. I was under ten years old and my buddy Randy told me, true or not, about a lady who was stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge driving nude on her way to a “nudist colony.” The entire thing shocked me to the point that I still remember where I was when he told me. I could not imagine why grown people would want to be nude, particularly in a area called a nudist colony. It definitely was something I would never be involved in.

First Time Nude Outdoors

I remember, some years after, about age 12, sleeping over at Randy’s house in his backyard in sleeping bags and on a shared challenge we each walked, one at a time, naked up his long moonlit drive. He became more daring and even rode his bike up the driveway naked. This was just boys experimenting and playing and we knew that we didn’t want to be found so there was an element of danger and fear of being discovered that overshadowed everything.

Private Nudity, My Own Skin

Within a few years I discovered that easing my pajamas away after going to sleep and sleeping nude felt wonderful. It felt free and I adored the feeling of the bed sheets on my bare skin I soon began removing my clothing when my parents were outside so that I could walk round the house nude, hurrying to put my clothes back on when I heard the garage door go up on their return. Again this felt wonderful but by importance remained my mystery. Soon, on some evenings, I was able to sneak out my bedroom window in the centre of the night and enjoy the nighttime air nude. We lived in a built up neighborhood on a hill with open space supporting the house. At first I would roam the grassy hillside in back of the house feeling the cool breezes on my skin. I especially liked rainy nights. The noise of the storm made me feel more secure about not being caught going out the window and I adored the feeling of rain on my naked skin. After I would walk through the neighborhood, clothed, up to a dead end street with a more open hillside where I could throw off my clothes and walk bare in a bigger area. I knew the terrain very well and one night I was particularly daring and did a big loop walking from that area for over half a mile in a circle onto paved streets (but where dwellings weren’t built right on the road) on the other side of the hill and back to my clothes that I had left behind. I can not believe I did this or that, as a teen, I did not get found.

San Francisco, California